About Us / Who We Are

The year 1880. Location: Madaba city, the home to the famous 6th century Mosaic Map of Jerusalem and the Holy Land. Carried on camels across the Jordanian hard desert, ten Arab Christian families moving from Karak (south of Jordan), led by two Italian monks from the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem entered Madaba and settled there until today.

The year 2017. The heirs rooted from the same families, carried on modern electric cars found their way to renovate the legacy of their ancestors, they decided to create an unbeatable home for all passionate to the ancient city of Madaba.



Our Mission

A UNIQUE Hotel serving a newly renovated comforts with a deepened sense of the Jordanian hospitality; we are specialized in combining Eastern Jordanian culture in a western modern style using our delicious secret soles inspired from the Jordanian desert.   

Madaba 1880 Hotel is your Home located in the hub and most attracted place in ancient city of Madaba.

Be part of our family, 1880 Family WELCOMES you